ECE Offshore’s OASYS monitors 100th Cable At Hornsea One Installation


This August, the OASYS Cable monitoring system has monitored its 100th cable during the installation the Hornsea One export cable installation campaign by the Cable Lay Vessel Lewek Connector. This milestone was achieved together with DEME’s subsidiary Tideway Offshore Solutions. Tideway’s Hornsea Project Survey Manager said: “Using OASYS Cable to monitor the installation of the Hornsea One export cables was a first for Tideway. OASYS Cable is currently being used onboard the Lewek Connector, helping the operational crew monitor and anticipate the subsea part of the operation. Additional value might show after the operation when all unique installation data on the cable lay is available via OASYS Cable.” In 2018 OASYS has also been used for monitoring and post-lay survey purposes during the installation of two offshore power cables by Boskalis at Kriegers Flak and the monitoring of cable installations at Borkum OWF, executed by Jan de Nul. ECE Offshore will continue to improve OASYS to achieve their goal: ROV-less cable monitoring.

OASYS Cable on Hornsea One


Tideway will use OASYS Cable on Hornsea One. The system will be installed on the Lewek Connector, where it will perform realtime touchdown monitoring of the installation of 300km of export cable on Ørsted’s Hornsea One project. ECE Offshore has designed a bespoke deployment pole which is able to position the equipment below the thruster wash. The vessel is currently on its way towards the Hornsea One project field.

  • OASYS on Lewek Connector

    Probably the largest swinging survey pole ever constructed. It has sufficient length to deploy all sensory equipment underneath the thruster wash.

  • The sensory equipment can easily be accessed when the pole is retracted

  • OASYS pan & tilt, MBES and other survey systems attached to the end of the pole

ECE Offshore wins the Public Award during the Offshore Wind Innovation Award 2017


We are very delighted to announce that we have been awarded the Public Award during the Offshore Wind Innovation Award 2017. We congratulate NextOcean and Jules Dock for for their compelling contribution and we would like to thank the Offshore Wind Innovators community for the opportunity and effort to organise the event. view the full article at

ECE Offshore at Offshore Energy 2017


ECE Offshore will attend the Offshore Energy 2017 Exhibition in Amsterdam. We welcome everybody for a live demonstration of our OASYS cable touchdown monitoring system. You can find us in the Startup Zone.

OASYS Cable monitors Galloper infield cable installation


ECE has provided VBMS with the OASYS Cable system to monitor installation of 44 array cables. The system was used to perform cable integrity and touchdown monitoring during the freelay sections. Additionally, various aspects of first-end and second-end pull-in operations were monitored and found to be feasible for further development.

Hydraulic pan-tilt rotator V3 under construction


The development of a robust hydraulic pan-tilt rotator is an integral part of the OASYS cable touchdown monitoring system. Designing such systems is a true mechanical engineering challenge: the system has to remain submerged in the splash zone for an extensive period and it has to withstand the effects of thruster wash while maintaining a 0.001 degree accuracy for object referencing.

Version 2 was finalised last year and achieved a 100% uptime performance during installation of the 44 Galloper cables. The new version includes a reduction in size and weight and a further improve in durability.


Hydraulic pan-tilt rotators v2 (left) and v3 (right)