Installation Engineering

  • OrcaFlex Installation analyses
  • Free lay analyses
  • Joint deployment analyses
  • First and second end J-tube pull-in
  • Shore landings
  • Equipment deployment
  • Mooring / Single Line Failure analyses
  • Soil stability calculations | Landfall calculations
  • Storyboard drawings associating the operational procedures

Structural Engineering

  • Temporary works: quadrants | deck equipment
  • Installation rigging
  • Deck strength analysis
  • Sea-fastening calculations


ECE Offshore provides management and engineering solutions for each phase of a project:

    • Onshore project engineers, in-house or at client premises. We can support our clients throughout each phase of the project, starting from initial design and up to as-built documentation
    • Experienced offshore field engineers and superintendents
    • Third-party review of various project related documents such as procedures and installation analyses


ECE Offshore provides installation and monitoring equipment for cables and umbilicals. We design the equipment in-house which has a great advantage: we know every component and are able to provide customized solutions to our clients. We design and fabricate according to ISO or DNV standards.

The past years, we worked on a wide range of offshore related equipment:

  • Structural design and fabrication of reel drive systems and carousel systems
  • Design and fabrication of pull-in quadrants, winch foundations, roller boxes and storage reels

Furthermore, we bring new innovative solutions to the offshore industry. Recent R&D projects that made it to our rental pool :

  • Hydraulic pan-tilt rotator
  • Offshore cable monitoring system: a vessel-fixed catenary integrity monitoring system.